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Napier Points

A first step towards the endgame

The Napier Foundation is proud to introduce Napier points! Members of various groups who have helped advance Napier and Curve ecosystem, including Napier Finance users and builders, Curve/Convex contributors and stakers, and contributors of select projects, may be eligible Napier points.

Are you eligible for
Napier points?

Minting over 2 eETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 rswETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 rsETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 uniETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)

Vector Reserve

Minting over 2 vETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 pufETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 ysETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 afETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)

Origin Protocol

Minting over 2 OETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 ezETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)


Minting over 2 inETH from 1-31 May 10am (UTC)

Coming Soon

Please prepare for the Llama Race

More things will come

Earn Napier Points

Join the war to win Napier points


Participate in Llama Race

You've been invited to the Llama Race. You might just get a leg up. Check 'Are you eligible for Napier points?' right away!


Earn Napier points

There are many ways to earn Napier points. Earn them by using Napier Finance or participating in Llama Race's social activities.


Prepare for the NPR token

Napier point holders have a chance to earn NPR tokens on the day of the TGE. Contribute to the Napier-Curve ecosystem and earn more Napier points.

Napier Points
is here

A first step towards
the endgame

Join Llama Race. Enter the Curve Wars.

Earn Napier point with the Llamas



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